Who We Are

Paola McFarren

Creative Director / Principal

Paola was exposed to graphic design as a child by her father who worked as a designer and letterer before computers. She remembers helping him ‘fill’ letters with a rapidograph at an early age. In 1994 Paola was selected to represent Guatemala in the international baccalaureate program at UWC Pearson College. She went on to earn a bachelor of fine arts from School of Visual Arts. Paola’s experience spans diverse industry sectors for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Time Inc., Kiehl’s, HarperCollins, and more.

Joshua McFarren

Managing Director / Principal

Joshua has over 15 years experience building new media experiences, from focused e-marketing communications to multi-user scalable data-driven web applications. As Technical Director, Joshua oversees the technical team and is involved in all interactive initiatives, ensuring that the client’s business needs are met and that the creative team’s vision becomes reality. Joshua studied at Skidmore College and School of Visual Arts.